Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The neighborhood pool has not had an auspicious start this year. My first trip this year someone STOLE my towel! Hello, it's a neighborhood pool. Do not think for one minute that when I see someone with my Lands End pink and white polka dot towel that I will not reclaim it. I'm afraid it might get ugly. I was stranded with no towel for me or Charlie since I thought, "He's little - we'll share this big towel". So we were both stuck.

The last time I went to the pool we were playing on the stairs which have these fountains that shoot water out where a lot of the younger kids play. This girl who was at least nine or ten goes shooting up the steps holding herself, screaming, "MOM! I HAVE TO GO THE BATHROOM!" Before her mom can even put down her book, the kid yells, "I'M GOING RIGHT NOW!" Sure enough, she has pee running down her legs (right in front of my lounge chair, of course).

Now, friends, if this had happened to me, I would have died a thousand deaths right there. But I think I discovered the problem when I looked over and the mother is laughing her ass off. Not helping. Not jumping to her feet to help her daughter to the bathroom. Not even pretending like she doesn't know her. Just laughing so hard she can't speak and pointing in the direction of the bathroom.

The girl starts for the bathroom which is completely at the other end of the pool. She runs/waddles half way there and stops, turns around and screams back at her mother, "IT'S OK! I'M FINISHED NOW!" Well, thanks. So back in she hops. The mother never even got up and said anything to her. She was WAY too old for this to even have happened. Much less not to at least have someone tell her that you may not want to scream about peeing your pants across a public pool. It's only mid-June. It's gonna be a LONG summer at the pool.


jennifer, playgroups are no place for children said...

Yes, it IS going to be a long summer. Hope you catch the thief red handed with your towel.

Anonymous said...

that's why I don't go to neighborhood pools- if i need a pool, i mooch off a friend- otherwise i have the beach less than one mile away.