Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Say Cheese

I just got back from Target with the kids. One of the items on my list was tampons. I'm standing on that aisle looking for what I need when the three year old starts shouting, "I want some cheese sticks!" I told him that we could have a cheese stick when we got home but he started reaching for the tampon boxes on the shelves. "Cheese sticks! Cheese sticks!" he shouted. At this point, my eight year old (who knew they were NOT cheese sticks) is cracking up.

I grabbed what I needed and headed for check out. All the lines were packed but I selected one and when I put all my items on the conveyor belt the little one saw the Tampax again. "What is that?" he asked. I told him those were for mommy. "Mommy's special cheese sticks!" His older brother is now hysterical. The little one kept shouting, "I want Mommy's special cheese sticks!" while grabbing for the tampons. Did I mention that all the lines were packed? Yeah. I'm going to have to wear a disguise the next time I go to Target.