Friday, July 4, 2008

Sex and Money

Yesterday while out and about running errands, that old '80's song, "Livin' in the Wild, Wild West" came on the radio. There is a line that says, "Gimme gimme safe sex". So Bobby says, "Mom, what's safe sex?" Great.

Now I am a mom who believes in answering honestly. He has already had the rundown about how babies are born and due to a trip to the pharmacy with him a few weeks ago, he knows that there is "special medicine mommy takes that keeps her from having more babies". He's an inquisitive one, this kid.

Anyhoo, I decided not to give him the full rundown on STD's, but since he already sort of knew about birth control I told him that it meant that you were careful when you had sex to make sure that you weren't going to have a baby. So then he wanted to go over the whole "How you make a baby" which is fine, but really? I just wanted to go to Target.

Thankfully, he was diverted by driving by our bank which brought up his favorite topic, money. He had to go through all the different ways you could acquire big bills. Forget one dollar bills, my kid likes fives, tens and twenties. It is his dream to have a fifty or one hundred dollar bill.

He always says stuff like, "If I saved up three weeks worth of allowance and added the money I already have I could go to the bank and get a ten and a five and still have some ones". I tell him that is correct. "If I saved up my allowance for two months and added the money I have I could get a twenty and a ten, if I had some change from my piggy bank". You see how this conversation was going. He could do this all day. I guess it's good that he understands money but can't we just talk about Star Wars again?