Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Say Cheese

I just got back from Target with the kids. One of the items on my list was tampons. I'm standing on that aisle looking for what I need when the three year old starts shouting, "I want some cheese sticks!" I told him that we could have a cheese stick when we got home but he started reaching for the tampon boxes on the shelves. "Cheese sticks! Cheese sticks!" he shouted. At this point, my eight year old (who knew they were NOT cheese sticks) is cracking up.

I grabbed what I needed and headed for check out. All the lines were packed but I selected one and when I put all my items on the conveyor belt the little one saw the Tampax again. "What is that?" he asked. I told him those were for mommy. "Mommy's special cheese sticks!" His older brother is now hysterical. The little one kept shouting, "I want Mommy's special cheese sticks!" while grabbing for the tampons. Did I mention that all the lines were packed? Yeah. I'm going to have to wear a disguise the next time I go to Target.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Feburotten? Suckuary?

I am SO ready for March to arrive.  February has been horrible.  Since Feb. 5th this is what I have dealt with:

  • Bobby had the stomach flu
  • I had a horrible cold
  • Charlie had a horrible cold
  • Someone rear ended me - I was stopped at a light and she hit me going about 35 - major damage to both cars but everyone was OK
  • Dealing with insurance/rental cars for said accident
  • downstairs toilet broke
  • modem broke - no internet!
  • oven broke
  • husband out of town all last week and for most of the next three weeks
  • moron at Sears sells us an oven that upon delivery does not fit
  • still have no oven
  • Stepfather diagnosed with prostate cancer
  • Grandmother has been in hospital since last Thursday with severe anemia
  • Charlie woke up last night with a bad cold/croup

Seriously, if anything else goes wrong I am going to lose it.  It really doesn't help that husband is out of town for all of this as well.  I am trying to remain positive but it's getting harder.  Girl Scout cookies are helping somewhat but there is only so much they can do.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My First Award

Thank you to Princess Freckles who gave me my first award!  My husband said he wasn't sure about the Great Attitude - unless sarcastic and snarky counts.   But I am thrilled that anyone besides my mother even looks at this thing.  So thanks again Princess Freckles!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.

Charlie loved Christmas. Especially the lights. The lights on the tree. The lights on the street. Now that they are all gone he really misses them. Every morning when he comes downstairs he says, "Christmas all gone." It broke my heart for about a week but now I'm kind of used to it.

Yesterday in the car Charlie said, "Take shoes off?" I told him no, that it was really cold and he needed to leave them on. When we got home he was completely barefoot. I said, "Charlie, what happened?" He said, "It's a Christmas miracle!"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is what happens when you listen to your husband.

Sweet Cloggsy left a comment asking what happened to the post about the misunderstanding that occurred while stroking my husbands ear.  

Short story is husband didn't like it.  He thought it didn't make sense if you weren't there to experience the hilarity of it.  I explained that I wasn't really looking to win any major awards and he pointed out that I should at least try to write clearly.  So I deleted it.  

But when Cloggsy left her comment I realized that it probably was funny even if you weren't there (or at least to certain odd minds like ours, eh Cloggsy?).  Unfortunately, I thought I could repost it but I totally deleted it.  I will try to rewrite it and put it back up later.  

Friday, January 9, 2009

Albuterol Man, Where Are You?

I overheard Bobby playing with one of his Bionicles this afternoon. He was attacking it with these little glittery puffballs from the craft drawer and had the Bionicle saying, "Oh no! Somebody help! Get me my inhaler! My inhaler! Help!" Apparently the Bionicle was allergic to the puffballs? Anyway, it cracked me up.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

So. Christmas.

In spite of all the Elf craziness, we all had a pretty good Christmas. I wanted to post a few pictures but can't find the camera - so maybe later.

We didn't have to travel at all this year which was wonderful! Last year was the first year that we didn't and it was really nice. The problem is really distance. My mom is a good 7-8 hour car ride away and with the two kids and getting all of, ahem, Santa's workshop there - it's a tight fit. One year we tried shipping all the gifts there so we wouldn't have so much to take but then we had to get it all home. So this year my mom and step dad came on the 26th and my inlaws came on the 29th. It was busy but we all had a great time.

Bobby was sick with anticipation all Christmas Eve. He kept saying, "Why is this day so long?" We finally took the kids to the Festival of Lights just to keep them busy. We got Bobby to bed about 8:30 and then my wrapping frenzy started. We didn't hear a peep out of him until about 11:30 - right as we were taking all the Santa stuff down! He didn't see anything but he was UP. The Husband basically had to stand guard while I took everything down. We finally went to bed but Bobby was getting up about every 20 minutes. At 2:45am(!), I was really worried that no one was going to get any sleep so I told Bobby to get in bed with me. He finally settled down and fell asleep about 3. He woke up at 5 on the dot and begged to go down. I told him it was too early and he started to cry and said he didn't think he could. It was so sad. So I told him to wait 30 more mins. As soon as that clock showed 5:30 he woke me up. The Husband and I let him go down and look at the Santa stuff and then we woke his brother up about 6:30.

It's so funny how different these kids are. Bobby's mission is to get everything unwrapped as fast as humanly possible. We are constantly telling him to wait or slow down. Charlie on the other hand, likes to take it slow. To be fair, he still doesn't really "get" Christmas and Santa, but it took him over a week to get everything open. At one point on Christmas morning, as I was trying to get him to open another present, he said, " No more presents!"