Saturday, March 29, 2008


So I have been missing in action for a month. Here's the rundown. I got the stomach flu - the day before I was supposed to leave for my girls trip to Mexico. I had to postpone my trip a day because I couldn't even sit up, much less fly. Got there finally, had a GREAT time but you know how some medicine says "May cause sensitivity to sun". They ain't lying. I was in the sun a grand total of two hours and I burned in weird splotchy patches all over.

When I got home my skin started peeling off everywhere. Even places I wasn't burned! I can't even remember the last time I peeled. Or burned. Anyhoo, I was worn out after all the sickness, travel, etc. Then came Easter and spring break. My mom and step-dad have a house in St. Augustine so we went down there for a few days.

Today I was supposed to be out all day with a friend who was coming in from out of town but of course yesterday morning Bobby woke up with a high fever and then starting throwing up. So that was yesterday.

But I'm back.

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