Thursday, February 21, 2008

Congratulatory Shopping

If you don't have a child under the age of 5, you may not know that this is pre-school registration season. Charlie will be ready to start 2 year old preschool in the fall. I had done all the tours, and turned in all the applications. I had my heart set on a specific school but knew that the children are many and the slots are few.

The pre-schools around these parts send out their acceptance letters in early to mid February. Well, we got all the letters. And every single one of them said, "Thank you for your interest but you have been placed on our waiting list." I have been in a panic ever since. What if we can't get him into pre-school in the fall? Now I am not worried that missing out on two year old pre-school will prevent him from getting into college. I am worried that I will not get my two morning a week break! Momma needs a few mornings to herself!

Last night the phone rang a little after six. It was the director of my first choice school. I was at the top of the waiting list and there was availabilty. Was I interested? People, I would have driven to her house THAT INSTANT with my check. I took my deposit this morning, bright and early. I am SO excited. I really like this school and I was really worried we wouldn't get in at all. Now this!

So, needless to say this called for some shopping. I ran by a children's boutique that I knew was having a sale. I knew that it had been going on for awhile but thought I would check it out anyway. They didn't have much but what they had was 70% off.

This is a Le Top outfit for next Christmas for Charlie. I got it for $17.40.

These are cute pajamas for Charlie for next fall/winter. They were $13.20. So for $30 that's not bad!

GapKids was around the corner so I strolled through there. It's hit or miss with the GapKids in my opinion. For boys, the bigger the size the less cute the clothes get. But on their sale rack I found this:

It doesn't look as cute in this picture. It is a thin, navy sweater and the madras deer is not as pronounced as it looks here. It's very subtle. It also has grey elbow patches. It's super cute! It was marked down to $6.97 but when they rang it up it was $3.97! Score!


Tickled Pink Designs said...

congrats on getting into the preschool of your choice! I remember how stressful those days were!

Heather at Grace303 said...

Congratulations on getting into your first choice preschool. That is great! And you found some good things shopping too!

The Mrs. said...

Love those PJS!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the school. We don't have a child yet, but already have our schools picked out. :) I am a planner to the extreme.

TCP said...

Oh, congrats!! My kid is not even 18 mos old yet and I'm already stressing over this!

Anonymous said...

Oh I completely understand. I am stressing our next year school admission for my eldest to go back to his private school and my middle to get in for pre-k. I have to wait until mid March! Mr QM told me to stop worrying and that he would be calling if there was a problem.

Great deals. I am so grounded from buying anything probably even toothpaste.

Cindy said...

Congratulations on getting your school! I remember midnight panic attacks over preschool admission, and I remember thinking the same thing: What if she doesn't get in anywhere?? But she did, now I'm on to worrying about college admission (she's almost eight). :)