Thursday, January 1, 2009

So. Christmas.

In spite of all the Elf craziness, we all had a pretty good Christmas. I wanted to post a few pictures but can't find the camera - so maybe later.

We didn't have to travel at all this year which was wonderful! Last year was the first year that we didn't and it was really nice. The problem is really distance. My mom is a good 7-8 hour car ride away and with the two kids and getting all of, ahem, Santa's workshop there - it's a tight fit. One year we tried shipping all the gifts there so we wouldn't have so much to take but then we had to get it all home. So this year my mom and step dad came on the 26th and my inlaws came on the 29th. It was busy but we all had a great time.

Bobby was sick with anticipation all Christmas Eve. He kept saying, "Why is this day so long?" We finally took the kids to the Festival of Lights just to keep them busy. We got Bobby to bed about 8:30 and then my wrapping frenzy started. We didn't hear a peep out of him until about 11:30 - right as we were taking all the Santa stuff down! He didn't see anything but he was UP. The Husband basically had to stand guard while I took everything down. We finally went to bed but Bobby was getting up about every 20 minutes. At 2:45am(!), I was really worried that no one was going to get any sleep so I told Bobby to get in bed with me. He finally settled down and fell asleep about 3. He woke up at 5 on the dot and begged to go down. I told him it was too early and he started to cry and said he didn't think he could. It was so sad. So I told him to wait 30 more mins. As soon as that clock showed 5:30 he woke me up. The Husband and I let him go down and look at the Santa stuff and then we woke his brother up about 6:30.

It's so funny how different these kids are. Bobby's mission is to get everything unwrapped as fast as humanly possible. We are constantly telling him to wait or slow down. Charlie on the other hand, likes to take it slow. To be fair, he still doesn't really "get" Christmas and Santa, but it took him over a week to get everything open. At one point on Christmas morning, as I was trying to get him to open another present, he said, " No more presents!"


Landlocked Mermaid said...

I absolutely love your blog and was so glad to see you updated today.I am sorry that your little boy was so anxious. that must have been hard for you to watch.. and exhausting.. my nephew who is four was in such a turmoil-- he knew he had to get to sleep but was afraid santa's bells would wake him up and then that bc he was awake santa would leave.. it is hard to watch them go through that isn't it??
Lots of love xoxo

Cloggsy said...

I'm sorry, your post about your stroking your husbands ear - HILARIOUS! Why did you delete it?