Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Toddler Physics

Sorry for the lack of posts. A round of some kind of stomach thing had me laying down most of the weekend and then, oh boy, it was time to do the taxes. So it was a big weekend all around.

Anyway, I was printing out the completed taxes this morning and went to put shoes on the little one so we could go and run some errands. The front of his jeans were soaked. Wet from the waistband down to one knee. I sniffed. It was pee. Damn.

I did a quick check of the sofa but there were no wet marks. I took him to his room and discovered that the only thing wet was the front of his pants. His diaper was dry on the outside and pretty much on the inside. Shirt - dry. Sofa - dry. I checked the carpet, the train table - dry, dry.

This has happened before. Not so much with this one, but his older brother, when in diapers, seemed to have this happen every once in a while. I really don't get it. How in the world do they manage to pee either up out the top of the diaper or through a leg gap and not get pee on anything else? It defies logic.

After the magic poop incident I have to wonder: Are my children the only ones with magic bodily functions? Or is this everyone?


Ned said...

Oh honey, my boys were famous for this. Evidently their "waterworks" would point straight up and come out of said diaper and wet everything! Have fun!

TCP said...

Oh, it's happened to me too. Somehow the kid managed to pee straight down his pant leg, escaping the diaper in a way that left his pants completely untouched. My pants--he was standing on my lap at the time--were another story.

Boys! What can you do?