Monday, April 7, 2008

Double Shot

Last Thursday Charlie had his appointment for his 2 year well visit. No big deal. He is finally back on the charts weight wise which is good (23.6 lbs). Still growing (35 1/2 inches). Passed all the developmental crap (can point to body parts, talk somewhat). Great - get a couple of shots and we're outta there. Easy peasy.

Until that afternoon about 3:30 when the doctor calls me. Calls me. At home. She says she is sorry to bother me but she has a question. Did I remember if Charlie got any shots when he came in for his 18 month visit? I said I was pretty sure he did. Then she began talking very slowly. Very carefully. And explained to me that they had duplicated the shots from the last visit at todays visit. She explained that there was no need to worry - kids end up getting multiple immunizations due to moving and being unable to locate shot records, adoption, etc.

Which is all well and good but HOW did it happen? So I asked, weren't the nurses supposed to write everything down in his chart? I mean, Weren't they supposed to write down the vial number so the exact dose can be traced in case of some sort of problem? She said yes but that the nurse at his 18 month visit did not do any of that. The doctor caught the mistake when going over her notes and looked back at his 18 mo. visit where she had noted he needed shots. The nurse never did any paperwork so the "official" part of the chart had no information. And that nurse has already left the practice. Of course.

Whatever. I was nice to the doctor but started crying as soon as I hung up. Mostly because I was angry. And a little scared - I mean what if it wasn't just an immunization but something that could have caused real problems? Of course he's fine, but I think I am going to look for a new pediatrician. I'm already going gray - I don't need this extra stress.


Lauren said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe that happened. I am glad the doctor was honest with you about it.

Feener said...

that sucks. part of me wants to scream out loud that the dr.'s office is at major fault and should know better yada yada. but then you realize we are all human and mistakes are going to be made. this makes me realize how proactive we have to be about our own health(ugh my own last post huh ?) keep us posted. i am sure he will be fine. hopefully the dr. will take this and use it to insure NO MORE mistakes.

Mom x 2 said...

How is your relationship with the pediatrician otherwise? That is so scary - I mean, yes, mistakes happen. But when it comes to our kids, well I know how you feel. I am one of those ultra-neurotic mothers and if my rule is no more than 2 immunizations at one appointment. If they need 3, then we come back in a week for the third. My ped has explained I'm being overly cautious but she doesn't argue with me because I'm crazy like that. But her associate did argue with me and basically told me I was being ridiculous and I told my ped what her colleague said. Needless to say that woman didn't last long in the practice. We are our kids' ONLY advocate and you have to do what you feel is best. Sorry that happened to you.

Heather at Grace303 said...

That is so scary, isn't it?

magnolia mama said...

That is horrible! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

The Mrs. said...

Your comments on my blog were so right on. Let me do the same for you! Change doctors asap. That is totally unacceptable and scary. i don't care what the excuse. I can't imagine what else they'll overlook.