Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Thank you so much to everyone who commented with concern about Charlie. He's fine.

Until July I had a wonderful pediatrican - an 60 something man who was very no-nonsense but you never felt rushed and he always answered any questions without looking at his watch. He retired at the end of June but we were moving across town in July so the timing was good. His office (there are five or six other doctors in the practice) was opening a new branch office about a mile from my new house so I just transfered my records there and hoped for the best. And then this.

At first I had some doubts about this doctor because she is very young and has no children. (I don't know why I think this is so important since my ob/gyn is a male and I would fly in from Russia to have any future children delivered by him.) My problem isn't really with her so much but her nurses suck! Obviously, the one who screwed up my sons chart sucked and she is already gone but even before her "mistake" I didn't like her because she reeked of cigarette smoke. It was so strong I really thought she might have a lit one hidden in her pocket.

However, I don't like the new nurse either. She is as slow as molasses (she's not old) and she scares the kids. She's one of those people who gets right in kids faces and talks loud. "HELLO, CHARLIE! ARE YOU READY TO SEE THE DOCTOR!" And now he's crying. Which he wasn't before. Then she says, "OH, THEY REMEMBER THIS PLACE". Um, no, they are frightened of you. Shh. They're little.

So I'm on the hunt.


The Mrs. said...

I am so glad you're going to make a change!!!

Anonymous said...
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