Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I've got the fever

Spring cleaning fever has apparently hit me. Yesterday I picked up the 2,654,345 things that were downstairs that belong upstairs. No kidding, I think it took all day just to get everything back to where it was supposed to be. Today I tackled the pantry.

We moved here last July and basically just threw everything in. Then we stuck some office supplies on a shelf since we weren't sure where to put them. Some art supplies. Some extra cables (I still don't know what they are for). We figured we would organize it later.

Later arrived today.

I threw out a ton of expired food. (Why do I love throwing out expired food? I am almost disappointed if the food is still fresh. "Ooo, look, another can of tomato sauce stuck in the back! I bet that's expired! Rats! Not 'til Sep. 08. Damn!")

No worries though. We have plenty left in the larder. Although once I moved the art supplies, office supplies, paper shredder and cleaning products back to their homes, I found I now have two completely bare shelves!

More concerning perhaps, is that I discovered we have four (yes, four) boxes of confectioners sugar. Three are unopened and the fourth is pretty full. How does this happen? Who, exactly, is buying all this confectioners sugar? Also, we had a half full bag of flour (expired - hooray!), another half bag of flour (still good) and three full unopened bags of flour - one of baking flour and two of whole wheat! So if you want to come over and bake some whole wheat bread and then sprinkle it with powdered sugar, stop by. I've got plenty for everyone.


Mel said...

Hey! I just noticed that you will be hosting Lisagh's monkey in Charleston. What are the odds? I'm just up the road in Goose Creek, and I'm hosting him too! Instead of mailing him, we can drive him to one another! Haha!

Cindy said...

I just noticed the other day that I have about four boxes of powdered sugar too! What's up with that? I guess it's something I don't use too often, but when I need it, I really need it (to frost a bday cake or something), and I don't use it enough to remember whether I have it or not, so I just buy MORE. Make sense?

I'm waiting (patiently) for the spring cleaning bug to bite.

Libby said...

Can't even tell you how many cans of pumpkin puree I found the last time I cleaned the kitchen cabinets!

Robert said...

I gotta defend the confectioner;s sugar stash. I mean, really, do you ever know when, with less than one hour's notice, you might be asked to produce 32 gallons of cake frosting?

Better safe than sorry.

Vivian said...

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love, alanna said...

i loved this post - i definitely lol'd! have an awesome week :)