Saturday, January 12, 2008


After lurking for ages I have finally leapt into the blogging world. The first blog I read (obsessively) was the now defunct Preppy Cafe. Through that great blog I have made many wonderful discoveries (see sidebar). I have delayed starting my own blog mostly due to a big move and the birth of a second child. Now that said child is closing in on two years old and we have unpacked (almost) all the boxes I am out of excuses.

My big concern was a title. My seven year old son suggested, "I Have a Boring Life". Since his own blog deals exclusively with Legos, things you can build with Legos, and how one might possibly get more money to purchase more Legos, I didn't take his advice. While my title may not seem edgy or original it will have to do for now. I am The Wife.


Cloggsy said...

I like the title! I especially like the sub title - very clever!

Ahhh, how we miss Preppy Cafe - Elizabeth certainly started a blogging trend huh?!

The Wife said...

Chloe you are my first comment! I am so excited! I'm glad it's from someone I "know". This blog is still in the early stages so hopefully will look prettier soon. I wonder how many blogs PC inspired - I'm sure a ton.

lisagh said...

And now I've found you too! Congrats on your new home :)

Mrs. LSL said...

So glad you found me - thank you so much for the message. Thats the beauty of blogland - I get to talk with great people like yourself.

Take care, and I'm adding you to my blog roll! :)