Thursday, January 17, 2008

Peek 'n Pay

It is absolutely pouring here today. The oldest is out of school for teacher workdays and of course I picked today to schedule four different appointments.

First up - a follow up visit to the ENT for baby boy who had tubes put in his ears a few weeks ago. By the time we all got into the office we were soaked - I think I got greedy trying to bring my Venti Caramel Apple Spice in along with two kids, an umbrella and a ginormous diaper bag but - live and learn. The problem came AFTER the appointment. I am trying to fish for my wallet in said bag, prop the baby on my other hip and keep him out of reach of my drink while keeping an eye on the oldest who is digging in the prize box. I should tell you that I was wearing this shawl collar sweater from Banana Republic but in a deep green color.

After talking with the receptionist, setting up another appointment and nodding another goodbye to the doctor I realize that the baby has pulled the edge of the sweater back COMPLETELY exposing my right boob (which isn't even the big one). Could I get him to let go of the sweater? Of course not - he went all two year old on me and started shrieking as if exposing my boob to this office was his one joy in the world. So to the grinning dad in reception: The reason your kid fell off of that chair was 'cause you were looking at my boob. Nice parenting.

I'll let you know later if the folks at the dentist's office got a peek.


jilly said...

Too bad reception doesn't have a 5 second delay!

Anonymous said...

That is to funny.