Sunday, January 27, 2008

He's Back!

The Husband returned Friday afternoon which we were all grateful for, mainly because we were all ready for some real food. The Husband did not disappoint. Friday night we had tuna medallions in a red wine reduction with white bean paste. It was heavenly. Last night he made french onion soup - it was so rich we just had bread with it and that was it. So good!

I managed to escape yesterday to get a much needed haircut/highlights - way overdue - and a mani/pedi. Then today I went to a matinee of There Will Be Blood. It was really good. Daniel Day-Lewis should walk away with Oscar - he was amazing. Also, in the Where Are They Now files, his fake brother was played by the creepy bartender who becomes Daryl Hannah's husband in Steel Magnolias. I don't remember his actual name but you probably don't either so that description should be OK.

So I'm ready to kick off another crazy week. Tomorrow the baby and I visit the preschool I am hoping to get him into in the fall and later in the week we start swimming lessons. Charlie absolutely LOVES the water so he is going to love them. What may not be getting love is my extremely white body. I'm worried I may glow under those flourescent pool lights.

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Tres Poshe Preppy said...

So funny about the Where Are They Now Files... I sometimes ruin the movie experience trying to figure out what role I remember the actor from... SO annoying!