Monday, January 14, 2008


I was driving along a busy road today when a scruffy looking guy ran out in the road and started waving his arms. Well, I was in the left lane so I just kept on going but I was a little nervous. I didn't see a car so I thought he must be a hitchhiker or just your garden variety crazy person. As soon as I passed him I glanced in the rearview and the top of a giant tree landed in the road!!! I am talking about five feet or more of pine tree. I realized that there were some guys trimming the tree and they have trimmed it onto the ROAD!!! A BUSY road where the speed limit is 50! Shouldn't they have some signs blocking a lane off or something? Seriously, this thing almost landed RIGHT on top of my car! I don't think sending someone wearing NO safety equipment or uniform out in the street waving their hands at you qualifies as "ensuring a safe environment". So - close call, but I still lived to get that Egg McMuffin so it was all good.

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