Tuesday, January 15, 2008

They DO make Sunday

When I was a little girl I always wanted those days of the week underpants but never got them. The idea of labeled underwear TOTALLY appealed to me. So about two weeks ago I was strolling through Gymboree checkin' out their big post-holiday sale for the boys. What do I find? Days of the week underpants - for boys! I had never seen them for boys before. Well, since the baby is still is diapers I grabbed a pack for the 7 year old. I wasn't sure if he would like them as much as I did but I didn't care. Well, apparently OCD is genetic because he loves them. In fact, he doesn't want to wear any of his other underwear. And of course it all has to be worn on the correct day.

This has not been a problem until tonight when he went to put on his Wednesdays for tomorrow. They were still in the hamper. (How is this possible? I swear I have done at least 420 loads of laundry since last Wednesday. What DO I do all day?) So there was a big scene and if he had handled it differently I might have done a special load tonight but instead he made some rude remarks about my inability to do my job..... Yeah. So he's sportin' dinosaur undies tomorrow. And he's gonna have to like it. And I guess I'll be doing some laundry.


Robert said...

Laundry once a week. Yes. What DO you do all day?

Meg said...

I was all OCD growing up and would pitch fits about needing to wear the days of the week undies on the right day. Mysteriously, those seven pairs disappeared in the next wash cycle.