Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jealous Much?

The snarky comment left on my previous post was from none other than my husband, Robert, aka The Husband. He has had a blog of his own for a while and has been encouraging me to start one of my own. As he was helping me set it up he explained that it would probably be a few months before people began commenting but not to get discouraged. It was a slow process. Within hours I had my first comment. I had three in the first 24 hours. I have been torturing The Husband with my popularity ever since. Apparently, the green eyed monster has arrived in the form of the previously mentioned comment. Since I choose to rise above these petty jealousies (and since clearly I am far more popular) I will give a shout out to his blog Al Forno Charleston You can scroll down to the post "A Little Food Math" to read a story about me. (See, even on his blog, it's all about me!)


lisagh said...

You tell hubby that he has to get in with the "cool kids" and he'll get lots of comments too. (smile)

Cloggsy said...

haha, that's funny! My husband always questions why people read what I have to say. I just tell him it's because I'm cooler than he is!

E said...

just wanted to leave another comment for you! i recently found your blog and i look forward to reading future posts! :)